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- Sensitivity:>80dB

- Audio output:Balanced and Unbalanced

- Power requirement:AC 16V,400mA

- Dimensions:440×210×40mm

- Weight(weight):Approx.1.3kgs

- One 1/4" Mixed and four 1/4" Individual outputs

Receiver Front Panel Function:

1) Volume knob: Clockwise: volume from low to high; conversely, volume from high to low

2) LED screen: Microphone signal strength, microphone channel

3) Power switch: A) Connect the power adapter to the receiver socket, and then connect the power adapter to the 220V power supply.

B) Press the receiver power button and the receiver is set toworking .

Receiver Rear Panel Function:

1) Mic XLR socket (BALANCED OFF): XLR cable required: (excluding), you can only connect microphones A, B, C and D to the device separately.

2) Mixing from socket:

A.) 6.35mm plug line is required. (included in delivery)

B.) From the power outlet,

C.) You can connect the receiver to an amplifier/speaker, etc.

D.) You can only connect microphones A, B, C and D together.

Wireless Microphone:

- Cartridge:Dynamic

- RF output:10mW

- Normal deviation:±22kHz

- Maximum deviation:±80kHz

- Battery:2 x 1.5V battery

- Battery life:>8 hours

Match With Handheld Transmitter

--Power On/Off Switch

--Special impact wave eliminating circuit for handheld microphone switches

--Noise absorption design eliminates external and handing noise completely

--Durable structure modular design is easy for assembly and detachment,especially convenient to after-sales service

Match With Body Pack Transmitter

--Innovated design of the body-pack transmitter can be matched with lavaliere,headset or instrument connector,providing another option besides handheld microphone;

  Further more,it sets your hand free.

Wide Compatibility

This wireless microphone system works with any loud speaker, DVD, mixer, amplifier or karaoke machine that has mic input and mic volume control. And it isideal for live performances like church, weddings, presentations, meetings, trainings, public speakings, koraoke or any party.

Packing List:

1 x 4 Channel Receiver

2 x Handheld Microphones

2 x Bodypack Transmitters

2 x Lavalier/Lapel & Headset Microphones

1 x 240V Supply Power

1 x 1/4 ''Connecting Cable

1 x Original Box

1 x User Manual

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