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3S 3A Li-Ion LiFePO4 MPPT Solar Panel Controller Charging Module Battery Charger

The functioning principle of an MPPT solar charge controller is rather simple - due to the varying degree of sunlight (irradiance) landing on a solar panel throughout the day, the panel voltage and current continuously changes. In order to generate the most power, the maximum power point tracker sweeps through the panel voltage to find the ‘sweet spot’ or the best combination of voltage and current to produce the maximum power. The MPPT is designed to continually track and adjust the voltage to generate the most power no matter what time of day or weather conditions. Note, generally only high-end MPPT controllers can detect partial shading, or are able to track multiple power points. Using this clever technology, the solar panel efficiency increases and the amount of energy generated can be up to 30% more than a PWM solar charge controller.


For an MPPT charge controller to work correctly the voltage of the solar panel (or solar array) must be at least 4V to 5V higher than the battery ‘charging’ voltage (not the nominal battery voltage). This is because the panel voltage will drop under cloudy condition or when the solar panel temperature increases. In order for the MPPT to function correctly, the panel voltage must be always higher than the battery voltage under all conditions.

This is a 12 volt 2-3 Ampere complete charger controller for multi-cell Lithium-ion Battery or LiFePO4 Batteries. This module is based upon CN3722 IC which is specially designed for multi-cell lithium ion batteries or LiFePO4 batteries with constant current and constant voltage mode.

This module must be used with a suitable BMS.

Deeply discharged batteries are automatically trickle charged at 15% of the programmed constant charging current until the cell voltage exceeds 66.7% of the regulation voltage. In constant voltage mode, the charging current decreases gradually, the charge cycle will be terminated when the charging current drops to 9.5% of the full-scale current, and a new charge cycle automatically restarts if the battery voltage falls below 95.8% of the regulation voltage in constant voltage mode.

The module will automatically enter sleep mode when input voltage is lower than battery voltage.

Nominal 12 Volt (10.8V 11.1V) full charge voltage 12.6 Volt lithium battery 3 string lithium battery charge management board.

Dual status indicator light, no battery when the red light flashes green light is always on, charging red light, full of self-stop while the green light.

Input voltage : 18 Volt nominal solar panels (no load about 21V solar panels)

Output voltage : nominal 12 Volt (10.8 Volt 11.1 Volt ) filled with voltage 12.6 Volt lithium battery, 3 string lithium battery charge management

Output current : maximum constant current 3 Ampere (Charge current > 2 Ampere, please add a heatsink)

Wiring method : Welding plate

IN + : input positive,   IN - : input negative (SOLAR)

BAT+ : battery positive,  BA- : battery negative

Working environment temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C

Size: 31*49mm

Packing list:

1x 3S 3A Li-Ion LiFePO4 MPPT Solar Panel Controller Charging Module Battery Charger

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