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martfame logo 251 58 is a Free Online Social Mall/Marketplace in Nigeria where you derive fame from everything you do, say, write, promote, advertise, Auction & Bidding, sell and buy.

We connect people all walks of life: Families, Friends, Buyers/Shoppers, Vendors/Sellers, Manufacturers, Colleagues, Professionals, Experts and also meeting genuine new people across the globe.

Our commitment is to support Sellers, Buyers, Teams, Groups, Businesses and Individuals with all the tools they would need to do Business, Socialize and Make Money (₦) online.

Sign-up on MartFame: When you signup, the world becomes very small than you can imagine. You will have all the toolset to flourish online and everything becomes possible. You will begin to earn Money (₦) from everything you do on MartFame

Vendor/Seller: When you become a Vendor/Seller, you can post quality products for sale and also auction a product for buyers to compete and bid. When your product sells, your money goes directly into your account.

Socialize: When you join as a Social user, you open endless possibilities to boarderless boundaries. You can start socializing, shopping, bidding, participating in intellectual discussions and meeting new friends.


                  Things We Do As a Company

 Social MarketPlace / Social Ecommerce
 Customer Service / Contact Centre
 Cyber Business Cafe
 Restaurants / Tourism
 Shipping / Logistics
 Multimedia / Documentaries / Training
 Community Development

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martfame logo 251 58 pixels

MartFame's Vision

MartFame wants to make Business and Socializing an ATOM, which means, integrating world social system and business system into an inseperable life-element

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Terms of Servicemartfame logo 251 58 pixels

Welcome to MartFame!

These Terms govern your use of MartFame and the Applications, Features, Product and Services, Software, and Technologies we offer except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply.
1. Our Services
Our mission is to establish a Virtual Mega Mall where people come together to socialize, promote self or/and business image, offer, bargain, sell and buy goods & services. To help project this objective, we provide the Products and services described below to you:
We aim to handover your experience to you:
MartFame aims to provide you with customizable and controllable tools so that you can control and manage your own experience such as: contents, posts, ads, videos, images and reactions you share or see, choices you make, things you share and we also grant you (user(s)) the ability advertise and to do buying and selling transactions. All these efforts are geared to give you a self-managed, self-controlled, wholesome and complete online experience in one place.

MartFame connects you with Organization(s), Business(es), Service(S), Individual(s) and Group(s) you care about:
At MartFame, we connect you to the organizations, people, vendors, manufacturers, groups, apps, products and other things that could be of interest to you. The information you and other people including organizations share is used to suggest potential information that might be of interest for MartFame users. Every features, apps and pages on MartFame are designed to help execute these objectives mentioned above.
MartFame is a platform of empowerment to communicate, share, express and organize yourself:
MartFame provide tools for you to socialize, sell, buy, promote and communicate with the people you care about – we provide tools that enables you to chat, send messages, upload and share stories, photos, audios and videos with people of your interest across the globe. To give users complete and wholesome experience – be it individual or organization, you will be able to use some of our additional tools to organize events, to do list, create followers’ page and as we continue to improve users’ toolkit, users will be able to share live video recordings and monetize profile.

Help you contribute to MartFame knowledge-base, find products, services and content that may be appealing to you:
On MartFame platforms, information shared by users and organizations. While we show sponsored contents such as ads, products and offers, we also allow you and other users to share ads and offers to help everyone on MartFame be a beneficiary of our platform tools and services.
While our partners may pay us to show their content to you, other users and you can also share your product, services, google-adsense responsive banner on your profile and MartFame use the platform tools to show useful and relevant content to you and other users.

Fighting harmful conduct to protect and support MartFame’s community:
People would socialize and conduct their businesses on MartFame if they feel safe. We will continue to grow our team and improve on our (Artificial/Physical) intelligent tools to proactively, actively and reactively respond to misuse of our services or any sort of harmful activities towards others. MartFame will actively stand to protect and support our community.

If we learn of any content or conduct that could make MartFame community unsafe, we will take appropriate action - for example, offering help, removing content, blocking access to certain features, disabling an account, or contacting law enforcement.
Use humans and develop advanced technologies to provide safe and protective services for everyone:
We use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning systems, and humans to alert and respond any form of misuse so that people who use our platform, tools and services can feel safe regardless of physical ability or geographic location.
We also build sophisticated network and communication technology to help more people connect with more people outside their geographic or lingual location. And we have dedicated team who help to respond to harmful contents and also developing automated systems to improve our ability to detect and remove abusive and dangerous activity that may harm our community and the integrity of our Platform and Products.
Research ways to make our services better:
We engage in research and collaborate with others to improve our Products. One way we do this is by analyzing the data we have and understanding how people use our Products. We buy 3rd party tools: components, modules and plugins that help us analyse data and automatically give behavioural suggestions on how our products are used and how we can better improve interactions and communication on MartFame community.
Enable global access to our services:
In order to make our service globally assessable, we need to store and distribute content and data in our data centres and systems around the world, including outside your country of residence. This infrastructure may be operated or controlled by MartFame’s team and affiliates.

2. MartFame’s Data Policy and Your Privacy Choices
Despite transparency being our model, we have strongest belief in privacy of individual, organization and businesses. We collect and use your personal data in order to provide the services described above to you. You can learn about how we collect and use your data in our Data Policy.

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martfame logo 251 58 pixels


MartFame's mission is to engage every user to become part of the same social and business class by bringing values to their online presence

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