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Setting a reserve price

A reserve price is the lowest price you're willing to sell an item for. By using a reserve price you can set a low starting price for your auction – and boost interest in your item – but without the risk of having to sell your item for less than you think it's worth.
Are you a buyer looking for information on reserve prices? Read our article on how reserve prices work

How to add a reserve price to an existing listing

If an existing listing hasn't received any bids and there are at least 12 hours left in the listing, you can add a reserve price. Here's how:

Find your listing in Dashboard -

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MartFame’s Vendor Payment & Commission Explained (This is for illustration purposes)


(Vendor Product Price)                                 (Shipping Price)                   (Secure Payment Checkout Fee (added to the product price to be paid by Customer))

             150                              10                                                         10

Total Product Price at Checkout: 150 + 10 + 10 = 170(Paid by Customer)

Flutterwave (Payment Processor) charges 1.4% of the total checkout value: 170 – 1.4% = 167.62

Total Charged by Flutterwave = ₦2.38

167.62 –10 (Secure Payment Checkout Fee (added to the product price to be paid by Customer)) = 157.62

157.62 – 2.1% (MartFame’s Commission) = 154.31



Customer Pays: 160 + 10 = 170

1.4% Flutterwave Payment Processing Commission = ₦2.38

2.1% MartFame’s Commission = 3.31002

Flat Rate Secure Payment Checkout Fee = 10

Vendor/Seller Receives = 154.31



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martfame logo 251 58 pixelsThere is currently no fee attached to become a vendor. However, there is 2.1% commission on every products sold by a Vendor/Seller on

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Seller Protection
martfame logo 251 58 pixelsIf you are sent an unauthorized payment (for example, from a hacked account) or a buyer claims they never received their item, our Seller Protection covers you for the full amount of the payment on eligible sales.
For more information, see User Agreement
Protected Sales
Tangible items that are sold and shipped with proof of delivery from within the United States to buyers worldwide. To ensure you're protected, ship within 7 days to the address that the buyer specifies during checkout. Be upfront about all the details of the item, specifically defects, use, and abnormalities. Also disclose an accurate delivery estimate.
Proof of Delivery
Required for protection eligibility. A digital or physical proof of delivery from the shipping company that should include: ship date, buyer's address, and delivered date.
Items Not Covered
Items that don't match your description, intangible items like services or digital goods, items that violate our or eBay's policies, and items you sell or deliver in person. All are not covered.
Reassuring Buyers
Become a Verified seller to give buyers additional peace-of-mind and attract more customers.
Resolution Support
We provide full support to help resolve any buyer disputes or fraudulent payments.
For payments over $750 USD (or local currency equivalent, including shipping and tax) or more, be sure that you have signature confirmation of delivery in addition to proof of shipment (See above). If a buyer files a claim, you must respond to our requests for information as outlined in our communications to you.
You ship the item to the shipping address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page. If you're not selling on eBay, make sure you ship to a Confirmed Address. This means that you're shipping to an address that PayPal has validated to help reduce chances of fraud.

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How do I edit Youtube video link I attached to Items I created forsale?martfame logo 251 58 pixels

When you are creating an item forsale - in the delivery tab you will be provided with the option to choose delivery type - If you want to be able to attach video link or file and edit it thereafter, please select the option goods with attachment.

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