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20 A main battery, 2,5 A starter battery, 12 VDC, 32 VOC, charger for two batteries, LED, SDTBUS, includes cable connection kit, 2 years warranty.


Manufacturer: Schaudt

Product Weight: 0.36 kg

Packed Weight: 0.67 kg

Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 47 mm (LxWxH)

Shipping: Parcel Post


The proven solar charge controllers for EBL from Schaudt are ideal for for the charging of two batteries in mobile homes. This MPPT charge controller supports AGM batteries and can also handle larger solar modules, up to 275Wp or 32VOC.The controller comes with a complete set of adapters, fuses and cables so it can be connected directly to any Schaudt EBL. Certain EBL units can only use the Schaudt solar charge controllers. 


The LRM 1218 MPP is a solar charge controller that ensures that the connected solar modules always operate optimally, regardless of solar radiation and the weather conditions while the battery is in the main charging phase. The charging voltages provided are perfectly adapted to the living area battery by means of an optional temperature sensor and the possibility of setting four battery types. The starter battery is also charged with a maximum of 2.5A as soon as the living area battery has passed through the main charging phase. Thanks to the SDT bus connection, the solar controller can be optimally integrated into EBL bus systems from Schaudt.

For retrofitting to other Schaudt systems, a connection with a suitable analogue signal is provided for displaying the solar currents of the living space and the starter battery. For this, the LT320 display panel may be needed to be additionally installed. 

The built-in fan is very quiet and in operation only at high continuous power.


Charging current into the living area battery max. 20A

Charging current into the starter battery max. 2.5A

Input voltage 16V - 32V

suitable for 6-cell 12V lead acid, AGM or GEL batteries

Characteristic: IUoU

Temperature-controlled charging possible with available temperature sensor (optional, not included)

Control principle: MPPT

Charging voltage range: 13.2V - 14.7V

Current information via SDT bus and analog signal

Status indication by means of 2 LEDs

 Suitable temperature sensors (optional): TF 20A (2m) or TF 50 A (5m)


Also available from Schaudt: Solar charge controller Schaudt LR 1218, Control Panel LT 320 Solar, Schaudt TF 50A temperature sensor, Battery charger boost Schaudt WA 1208, Battery charger boost Schaudt WA 121525. Please send us a message if you are looking for Schaudt TF 20A (2m) temperature sensor. 

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